Denver Auditions

Mark Labriola- Likes cheese and was kidnapped by his mother. I like his look and he has a good voice, though somewhat weak for this competition. I’m guessing that he’s fodder for Hollywood, but he’s likeable.

I’ll skip past laughing boy and all of the angry stuff….

Kimberly Kerbow- Cute kid #1… I didn’t honestly hear anything special in her voice and they cut her off early. She’s a major flirt, and I am sure that they will be using that in Hollywood week. I don’t see much of a chance for her. Loved the kid.

Danelle Hayes- I like the scratch in her voice. She has a chance, but I would need to hear more to call her a contender. She could fill the “rocker chick” role possibly better than anyone that I’ve heard in the earlier shows, and I wouldn’t be shocked if she had a nice changeup to go with her fastball. For the baseball impaired, that means that I think that she might be able to sing ballads and be emotional.

Casey James- Simon didn’t like him, but I did. He has a cool tone to his voice and he seems like a humble guy. I want to see him with his guitar. He’s a possible sleeper. The girls will love him.

Tori Kelly- Cute kid #2 (little sister this time)… She’s only 16 and way too green. Total fodder for Hollywood. Loved the kid.

I’ll skip the football player and the street singer, they were almost hateable. The football player looked like he could play the bad guy in one of those “Revenge of the Nerds” movies. The montage of short clips of auditioners was used for the bad ones tonight. A couple of them were funny, I guess.

Nikki Nix- Italian girl who flew from Florence. I really liked her voice, her stage persona and her liveliness. She was not always in tune, which could be a real problem if she does it in Hollywood. If she stays in tune, she’s a contender. If you didn’t see the show, her speaking voice sounds like a 45 record played at 78.

Haeley Vaughn- Miracle baby. She’s another 16 year old who is talented but probably not ready for this yet. She is very likeable.

All of the successful auditioners were very likeable tonight. This was, for the most part, more of the feel-good type of show that they have been doing on Wednesdays this season. I thought that the talent level was a little bit weak tonight, with no obvious contender among the seven that we were shown.

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