Final 9 Results/Power Rankings

Ryan said at the top of the show to expect shocking results, and they were. Mike was the bottom vote getter. Mike sang his butt off, and they gave him the save. This means that the save can no longer be used and that two contestants will be sent home next week. One chilling aspect of the result tonight is that Tim and Katie were both in the top SIX in the voting. Idol pares down to seven next week, and the three weakest contestants were all in the top seven in this week’s voting.

Power Rankings-

9: Tim Urban– He is not only dodging bullets, he seems to be gaining momentum.

8: Andrew Garcia– The bad news is that he will almost certainly be going home next week if he doesn’t do something pretty amazing. The good news is that he might be capable of something amazing. He is in the noose, and he won’t get any more stays of execution.

7: Katie Stevens– She sang so well this week that another strong performance might launch her into the top five. A stink bomb will send her home.

6: Aaron Kelly– He is a good bet to be on the hot seat next week. The judges are on the verge of pulling out a 40 ounce hammer and denting him up some. He really needs a good, up tempo performance next week. I don’t know if he is capable of that. He looks kind of silly when he is trying to rock out.

5: Siobhan Magnus– I’m still on the caution train with Sha-Von. It’s hard to run freely with your leg chained to a table, and Sha-Von’s most impressive vocal chop has been taken away from her. She looked lobotomized tonight.

4: Michael Lynche– I don’t expect him to be back in the bottom three next week. His voters might have gotten a little bit lazy this week. They will be motivated next week. Besides, he will get a theme that suits him better.

3: Lee Dewyze– Lee has a small crisis brewing with his attempts to be more showy and charismatic. He was a very solid second in the voting this week, so he probably should be ranked second, but Casey might have more tricks left up his sleeve. It’s very close between them.

2: Casey James– Casey pulled out a very strong extra gear this week. Lee and Casey are apples and oranges, really, and they are too close to call at this point. I just wanted to get another contestant listed in the top two. Six of the nine remaining have been listed in my top two at some point in the season.

1: Crystal Bowersox– Her fifth week at the top of the rankings. Her lead is actually increasing, I think. Can you be number one with a bullet?

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