Jenn Blosil

jennAll you need to know about this strange little girl can be gleaned from (1) listening to her sing, and (2) reading the stuff she writes in her kickstarter campaign from 2012. There are several of her videos on there too, so you can kill two goony birds with one click.

I just realized who Jenn reminds me of. This has been bugging me since I saw her audition.

Jenn’s showcase performance:

I have no idea what the voters are going to think about Jenn, but I have a feeling she’ll end up with an Idol arc similar to Paul McDonald, who cruised for a month before the voters got tired of him, finishing 8th. That’s what I expect, but then again she is such a freak that she could train wreck the first night or whip out some new, wild talent we had no idea she had. Or be the first person to take out an entire audience with a guitar case full of C4 and a zippo lighter covered in “Hello Kitty” stickers.

Here’s another video with Jenn, introducing it lying on her back (of course).


Jenn Blosil “Sorry” – Justin Beiber: B

jennIf you didn’t watch the show Jenn made a point to tell everyone in her pre-performance blurb that she doesn’t drink or do drugs. Funny girl, that Jenn. The performance was , well … it was Jenn. If you like her you liked it, and if you don’t you didn’t. I thought the light crew did a bang-up job setting the stage lighting up, all the blue hues, even down to the microphone and the piano. Maybe in another 30 years or so Jenn’s hair will be blue, too.

It was a pretty tight performance, with only a little low range growling at the beginning of the song to complain about. Harry exaggerated the problems early in the song.

Jenn with Constantine Maroulis “My Funny Valentine”

I had a conversation over email with a fellow Idoloonie about Jenn. She sings so many blue notes, and she plays off them with passing notes that are even bluer, that it sometimes takes a second listen to appreciate the melodies she creates. This performance was no different; Jenn’s opening salvo was strange, a little haunting, but in the end kind of sweet and cool, just like Jenn herself.

For Jenn’s sake she might as well have left after that, though, because she was paired with a voice that could be best characterized as her evil vocal twin. Constantine has a big, in your face voice that is at its best holding big notes. Jenn can hold a note, but her voice isn’t that sort of strong, plus she likes her rhythm to be a little out of focus, like a camera with cellophane over it. She hung, and she hit every note she was given, but the blend was a little course. Jenn should have been paired with Haley.

Jenn had the blue everything again, all the blue lights and the blue microphone. The look suits her, with her blue note melodic style.

Top 14

Jenn Blosil, “True Colors”

I had a hard time getting past the eyebrows, they looked like they were coated in sand. She probably should have stuck to the blue theme from last week. Vocally she was all over the place, even more than usual, though she did stick one great note. It might hurt her that she sang that song; she ain’t going to out-weird Cyndy Lauper. She should have done “Hanging Tree” from her showcase round; she was impressive that week.

Judges: Harry talked her up bigtime; he knows Jenn is important to the television show aspect of Idol, if not a contender in the competition.




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