Final 24 Power Rankings

1. Dalton Rapattoni – almost too much to like

2. Olivia Rox (Hill) – most talented, least self-aware human on the planet

3. MacKenzie Bourg – best of the niche singers, fodaluvagawd don’t dance

4. Trent Harmon – upside as wild and unpredictable as his range

5. Emily Brooke – the Allie?

6. Tristan McIntosh – most improved, Marilyn McCoo lookalike could win

7. James Dawson VIII – could be David Cook, Casey James, or Reed Grimm

8. Sonika Vaid – resident piano playing ballad singing pageant queen

9. Tommy Stringfellow – Buddy Holly in an Ed Sheeran costume

10. Shelbie Z – who knew Delta Burke could sing?

11. Jenn Blosil – Maria Muldaur on horse tranquilizers

12. La’Porsha Renae – chia pet with a heart of gold, or care bear with the heart of a lion?

13. Avalon Young – Andrew Garcia’s bestie, sings like a cherry gum drop tastes

14. Jenna Renae – Needs to establish herself right away, but could be moment maker

15. Jordan Sasser – religious vibe could be blessing – or curse

16. Amelia Eisenhauer – Peppermint Patty with a fiddle, but she ain’t that country

17. Adam Lasher – what’s new Pussycat?

18. Jeneve Rose Mitchell – Peacock without a – well, she can’t sing.

19. CJ Johnson – Bar band singer who wouldn’t be one of the ten best in Spokane

20 Manny Torres – Oily bastard with great rhythm, mediocre voice

21. Lee Jean – still sounds like they are letting him use autotune

22. Stephany Negrete – pretty girl, pretty good, pretty well screwed in this bunch

23. Kory Wheeler – my theory: the FBI said keep him so they can watch him

24. Gianna Isabella – can her mother go a minute and a half without burping her?

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