And then there were two

trentAmerica chose the best voice after all. Trent Harmon, in a triumph of vocal talent over cute, sweet, pretty, cool, pretty cool, and even mononucleosis, won Fellapalooza and is officially in the finale. His prize: a spot next to Chia Girl tomorrow night, a chance to sing two more songs tonight – and a puncher’chance to be chosen as the last American Idol.

The show began with all three contestants singing their coronation song. After that the results were given; Simon Fuller chose a song for each of the final two; and finally the contestants chose their favorite song from the season.

The singers, the songs –

Trent “Falling”

All three coronation songs seemed like they were written (or chosen) specifically for the singer who sang them. Trent’s song fit right in with the choices he was given last week, in that sort of blues/country genre.

Dalton “Strike a Match”

Dalton’s voice might be giving out … it was a good choice for his style.

La’Porsha “Battles”

It’s a really good song for her style, like the other two, and very catchy.

Trent “If you don’t know me by now” – Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes

Trent’s command was tight, his falsetto strong – and the melody nonexistent. Will he ever get to sing another uptempo song?

La’Porsha “A House is not a Home” – Dionne Warwick

She totally nailed it, one more moment for Chia Girl. Blue notes right on the fork – perfect. It’s too bad this wasn’t her last performance; that would have been perfect.

Trent “Chandelier” – Sia

One moment deserves another. When Trent did this song last time my only beef was that he didn’t nail one of the big runs in his full voice. He did that tonight, and he got the biggest ovation of the season by a contestant who wasn’t crying.

La’Porsha “Diamonds” – Rihanna

 I felt like this performance was anticlimactic after the last two, but Chia Girl was good, fine, another concert performance in a season full of them. She might not win – Adam didn’t win, Crystal didn’t win, Kat didn’t win, Clay didn’t win – but she was clearly the standout performer of season 15.

Safe to in Danger

They are all going home tomorrow night… Chia, Trent, Ryan, Harry, Keith, Jen, the various Simons, the crowd, the stage manager, the key grip, the foley artist, the caterers, the weird homeless guy whose been standing outside the Nokia for 15 years, claiming to be Amelia Earhart… they are all going home.

Faces in the crowd… I spotted Naima Adedapo and Haley Reinhart from season 10 and Scotty McIntyre from season eight, plus all the semifinalists from this season are in the crowd including Emily, who was with Naima, and Olivia, who has grown another four inches.

I’ve been struggling to get my Idoloonie back the last few weeks, frustrated by the way the show is rushing through the season like their cab is waiting and the meter is running, but seeing Naima and Scotty might have snapped me back into the proper frame of mind. I’m going to live-blog the show tomorrow night (not strictly live, but as close as I can get after I get off work) and try to get it posted.

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