Season 9 – where are they now?

lee dewyzeLee Dewyze – His sixth album, Oil and Water, was released February 12, 2016, and Lee finished up a tour at the end of March. He’s been married to actress/model Jonna Walsh since 2012.

crystal bowersoxCrystal Bowersox – She recently collaborated on a video with Seth Glier (below). Crystal was set to play Patsy Cline on Broadway in 2014, but the play has been delayed. She has tour stops scheduled across the country, covering most of 2016.

casey jamesCasey James – He toured with Sugarland and reached 24 and 21 with his first two singles on the Nashville charts; his second single “Crying on a Suitcase” sold 337,000 digital copies, reaching 14 on the US Country airplay chart. His last single was released in October 2014, and a new album is supposedly coming out soon.

michael lyncheMichael Lynche – Big Mike released an album and a couple of singles. “Whose Gonna Love You More” reached number 28 on the US Urban chart in 2012. His website is down but Big Mike is still active; his Facebook page has over 11,000 likes and he has been posting a song of the week for his favorite fans.

aaron kellyAaron Kelly – Now 22, he has a couple of band projects going and about 28,000 Twitter followers. His latest project, released in November of 2015, is this Megan Trainer cover by his band “Upstate.”

Siobhan Magnus
Siobhan Magnus

Siobhan Magnus – My all-time favorite contestant was the first former Idol to release a full length studio album without a record deal, getting her album “Moonbaby” out in 2011. Her second single off the album, “Black Doll” (below) was recorded in a single day, with a couple of iPhones and a camcorder.

th (4)In 2014 she toured with Boston; the group originally hired her for a single show, but they ended up taking her to Japan with them. She is working on her third album at the moment, and portraying Ella Fitzgerald in a jazz concert series called Ella and Frank.

tim urbanTim Urban – Urban is still out there singing. He has a YouTube channel, but he has yet to put out any original material to speak of.

katie stevensKatie Stevens – Now 23, Katie stars in the MTV series “Faking it,” which was recently renewed for a third season. She guest starred in the CSI finale in September, 2015. She has 162,000 Twitter followers and andrew garcia50,000 likes on Facebook. Music takes a back seat to her acting career, but she is still making music.

Andrew Garcia – He appeared in several videos for YouTube mogul Ryan Higa (Nigahiga), released an EP that included the single “Ghost,” and he promotes his music heavily on social media.

Didi Benami
Didi Benami

th (5)Didi Benami – She released her album “Reverie” last year and appeared as the main character in a video for Theory of a Deadman in 2013. She works in various capacities for the Hollywood Reporter; she worked the ropes after American Idol episodes and appeared on Idol Hangover, occasionally hosting the show.


Paige Miles
Paige Miles

Paige Miles – She isn’t doing much, other than tweeting several times a day. She has about 17,000 followers. I couldn’t find a tweet from her about singing, or music, or much of anything inside the business. The only video I could find of her singing recently is the one linked to her name.

Lacey Brown

11416418_10153898697654902_8594885928605594478_oLacey Brown – Lacey, on the other hand, has been working it. She lives in Nashville, and she performs fairly regularly. She isn’t anywhere near a star, or even an established act, but she headlined a show at The End in Nashville with several opening acts. I never thought she had much of a voice, but I liked her style. Here’s a song she recorded early in 2016.

th (1)
Lilly Scott

Lilly Scott – She’s still living the dream, way under the radar. She abandoned her Facebook page years ago, but she still posts on Twitter, mostly Instagram photos – and some really good ones, artistically shot.

Her band Varlet did a showcase about three years ago, some sort of Colorado sound stage production, and Lilly pops up here and there. I’m sure there is footage around the interweb somewhere, but her name is common – even Varlet has been usurped by some yahoo that posts videos twice a week – so she is kind of a needle in a haystack.


Alex Lambert
Alex Lambert

Alex Lambert – This is the most recent video I found for Alex. Here’s another, from a couple of years ago:

Janell Wheeler
Janell Wheeler

Janell Wheeler – She just signed a management deal for her duo, Lockhart, with Johnny Buford. Buford is a Nashville songwriter. Janell was in a relationship with Tim Tebow a few years ago, and I’ve seen her hosting on a couple of different platforms. She ain’t going away without a fight, just sayin’. She still has the legs, and she still knows how to use them. Here is a video of Lockhart:


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