In Like Flynn? Not Exactly

John Hunter

February 12, 2017

In the surest sign that his days are numbered, if not named, Michael Flynn is being abandoned by the Trump administration. On CNN this morning, Chris Christie said that Flynn needed to have a “candid conversation” with the president about exactly what he said to Russian ambassador Sergei Kislyak late last year. At first, Flynn said that the subject of sanctions did not come up; then, later, he said he could not remember if he had said anything about them or not. Russian sources, though, are saying that Flynn did indeed say to Kislyak that Russia should not overreact to sanctions that President Obama imposed, as the incoming administration would review them. Such a statement would be illegal under the Logan Act prohibiting private citizens (which Flynn was, at the time the statements were made) from conducting diplomatic business.

The inner circle is apparently not satisfied with Flynn’s non-denial denial, and are looking at ways to mitigate the damage that might be done to President Trump’s foreign policy. The FBI is continuing to investigate. And the Emperor continues to fiddle.

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