Slack Chat: Fallout Shelters for the Rich and Gullible

October 11, 2016

T: Hey J, hidden in the midst of all the debate rhetoric, Trump said “Hillary can make more commercials than I can, she has way more money.” That’s a strange comment, coming from a guy who brags about how rich he is, isn’t it?

J: Some interesting comments from Trump on the debate committee — he says the co-chair should resign. I think he’s setting up an excuse not to go to the third one. He’ll say they’re biased.

T: I was thinking that, too … does he bother with the debate on the 19thif he’s down seven and gagging like a Fox News intern trying to get him to do an interview?

J: I’m thinking no, too. It’s going to be about foreign policy, and that is a tremendously weak area for him.

T: Well, if you ask me it’s going to be about whatever the hell is in the news on the 19th.

J: He’s down more than seven, NBC has him down 11 even before the debate, and I doubt that moved the needle much in his favor.

T: Even 538, whose models pull on the rope against sudden changes, has Hillary up six- plus, 85 percent to win.

Actually 83.4.

J: There’s a lot of blowback about his comment that he would jail Hillary… Holder said “he is promising to abuse the office”. This isn’t Russia, we don’t jail our political opponents here.

T: He was pretty dammed loose, wasn’t he? He was spewing wildly, even by his own, out-of-control fire hose standards.

J: Yep, he was a pretty loose cannon.

T: At the time we watched it I thought he was so cowed by the laughing audience that he was also saying mild nad mellow things – not just saying them mildly – but after I thought about what he said – not just how he said it – he was actually pretty wild, pretty over the edge, pretty beyond the pale, pretty WWE, pretty Jerry Springer fuck ya’all crazy. The one thing he wasn’t was, well – pretty.

J: I saw the thing about Hillary being able to afford more ads than him, and I said “Wait, what? Aren’t you a billionaire?” or something like that.

T: I wish I had noticed it at the time. That was one of his really weak moments, the kind of moment we should be paying more attention to, since it reflects some truth (he’s not as rich as he says he is). Sooner or later it’s going to get into the post-debate autopsy.  Somebody will bring it up.

(added later) NPR discussed it, but they didn’t go into any depth. We’ll see what Mike Murphy says on Wednesday, on his terrific podcast, Radio Free GOP.

T: Doesn’t that sound like a bad idea, though – a little spiking the ball-y? I have a plug nickel that says they won’t need to, anyway. What are the chances we start getting accusers coming forward this week? The gropees?

J: I’d say very good, 75 percent plus.

It’s not like they need it if Trump continues to fall like he has. I bet they already have it and are just waiting to see what develops, the rumor is it’s got him saying the n-word.

T: I bet reporters are beating the bushes, dusting for prints (no, not there, you degenerates) and looking for victims who will come forward.

J: We haven’t seen the last of the oppo research, I would bet my house on that.

T: Oppo research?

J: Opposition research on Trump. Not all of the dirty laundry has been aired.

T: “Touched by an Angel”, the Jerry Springer reboot. Did you see where that Stone guy paid one of the accusers? Roger Stone.

J: I saw that… it kinda taints the whole accusation thing.

T: Yeah … I don’t see any problem paying travel expenses, but being paid to give a deposition is pretty sleazy … and if Stone is running a super Pac he’s not allowed to coordinate with Trump. But he admitted that he did, multiple times. I’m not sure it is possible to run a more cynical election campaign.

J: Just another campaign-finance violation… compared to the other stuff that’s coming out that’s pretty small potatoes.

T: There’s going to have to be a  post-election campaign crimes tribunal. They can hold it in Munich. Kelly Anne will probably turn state’s evidence to get her death penalty reduced to a life sentence.

J: Nuremberg trials, except less Nazis, but only slightly less.

T: Dammit, Nuremberg … I had the wrong city. Ailes will sneak a cyanide capsule in, and Trump will stand defiant, calling the firing squad a bunch of losers as they grind him into hamburger.

J: he’ll tell them to lick his ass, like Goering did

T: Actually no, Trump won’t go out that way. He’ll be up in Trump Tower, the Feds pouring into the lobby … Melania will abandon him – no Stockholm Syndrome there – but Ivanka will be up in the tower, poisoned to death. Trump will violate her dead corpse a couple of times – finally get what he always wanted – then eat a Luger. Make American Great Again, Donald. Eat a German gun.

J: Look up the Trump vs the Muslims Downfall parody on Youtube. In other news, 538’s nowcast is up to 88-12.

T: Hey, question: Does Trump give up when he loses?

J: I’d say no, I bet he cries rigged and tries to de-legitimize Hillary’s win. He won’t concede.

T: Did you see where he is signing people on his website to be precinct “monitors”?

J: I saw that, but I don’t think much of anything will come of that… too much video out there these days, too easy to prove intimidation.

T: There will be precinct incidents, at the very least. Some ugliness.

J: I’m sure there will be some attempts, but I don’t think most people will be intimidated.

T: Any chance somebody shoots somebody?

J: Nah, won’t go as far as shooting.. wouldn’t doubt someone gets roughed up somewhere though.

Speaking of precincts … did I tell you that I’m going to be stringing for AP on Election Day?

J: No, you didn’t tell me that … That’s a good thing. Locally?

T: EWU is the only college in the country that does it … we collect all the voting data around the country from the precincts and pass it to the AP to use in their reporting.

J: That’s cool.

T: It should be interesting … I’ll get the results before anyone else – I’ll know who won first.

J: Not that there’s much doubt.

T: Well, not now, but we did the betwetting chat less than two weeks ago. Time ain’t exactly flying in this election.

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