Slack Chat: Lawn Darts

T: Here’s an article, John. Apple must pay billions for tax breaks in Ireland, ordered by the European Union.

J:  Apple will of course appeal; with $14 billion at stake, they’d be stupid not to. I hope they lose, though; this would be a blow to multinationals stashing cash wherever they can get the best tax deal.

T:  I think it’s inevitable. The incidents of resistance by nationalists all over the world – Brexit, Trump, the French Burkini thing – I think they are all part of a global nationalist movement. Nationalism, racism, xenophobia .. they all have to go. It’s stupid in this day and age to be isolated – and soon it will be deadly. Go global or go extinct.

J:  The young, and even the middle-aged, of today have grown up with the ideas of multiculturalism and tolerance. That’s not to say that racism and intolerance aren’t still alive, but we’ve made great strides in the last 50 years, and we will make great strides in the next 50 years if our leaders will allow it and not legislate us back to the bad old days.

T:  We’ve been having the conversation on the BJOL site. The term we are using is “the last stand of the Greatest Generation” – which translated to “the Whitest Generation.”

J:  Unfortunately, yes, it was the Greatest* Generation; * – “Greatest”. That is, if you happened to be white and male.

T:  Yep. And now we are seeing it struggle to survive intact, when its only real option is to assimilate. Ironic, isn’t it, that the killers of natives, the enslavers of Africans, now have to assimilate – just like the ethnic groups they destroyed had to – in order to survive?

J:  They’re fighting it, the people who refuse to “press 1 for English” and go into spittle-flecked rages at the idea of a mosque opening up in their neighborhood. Eventually, though, they will assimilate or perish. Nature is a heartless bitch that way.

T:  Yes it is.

T:  One of my bigger fears about Trump’s campaign is that this is what is backing it. These people – many of them – want to open the Civil War back up and take another shot – and it’s a global force. It’s not just happening here in Trumpville.

J:  That’s my biggest fear too, that we won’t be able to get these people back under their rocks. Trump has emboldened them with his dog-whistle racism and xenophobia. And yes, it’s all over the world; you see it with the Britain First people and the anti-immigrant backlash in France and Germany.

T:  The world is pretty unsettled right now, and it’s all so pointless and preventable … but maybe that’s the way it always is right before a big bloodletting.

J:  I hope that we as a race are smart enough to learn the lessons of history and realize that bloodletting is really stupid and pointless and doesn’t solve the problem anyway; it just grinds it under the boots of the winners. I’m not optimistic, though.

T:  The only politician capable of handling this mess – that I know of, anyway – is going to be on the golf course in less than six months.

J:  I think they should allow three presidential terms. Two just isn’t enough, particularly without congressional term limits; they just wait you out.

T:  Hey, an idea – how about a cut the cake rule?

  • two sides run for congress, or the senate or the presidency
  • at the end, the campaign finances are counted up
  • and the incumbent has to pay the higher total
  • or whomever spent the most has to pay both – that’s better

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