One thought on “Is It Harder To Get a “W” In A Pitchers Park? (And a Mystery Uncovered)

  1. I have a hard time reading math-heavy articles; even Heinlein’s departures into ballistics make my eyes glaze over. But we have to show our work, don’t we? You put your analysis articles together really welll; I wish tables worked better on wordpress. One of us needs to learn how to use HTML so we can code them.

    Gary, if I designed a study – gave you a question to go find the answer to and maybe a couple of ideas for how to get started – would you be interested in putting it together? I have some spreadsheets I’ve been working on, and – as you know – I’m so asses and elbows busy getting the blog together that I haven’t had time to really play with the results yet. I think you might be able to wring a few articles out of my data.

    We can talk on messenger about it.


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