A number of long time candidates have dropped off, either thru lack of support or lapse of eligibility: Jack Clements, Dave Foutz, Mike Griffin, Bill Joyce, Billy Nash, Kip Selbach. Oh, and Bill Bergen. Only one new strong candidate shows up this year, altho there are a couple who should receive some support for a while. This election ends Wednesday.

4 Ginger Beaumont
1 Nixey Callahan
5 Jack Chesbro 10th
13 Cupid Childs 9th
7 Lave Cross
1 Art Devlin
2 Kid Gleason
3 Topsy Hartsel
12 Dummy Hoy
1 Tom Hughes
6 Fielder Jones
4 Addie Joss 4th
1 Johnny Kling
4 Sam Leever
10 Herman Long 8th
8 John McGraw 6th
2 Deacon McGuire
1 Orval Overall
3 Deacon Phillippe
2 Jack Powell
1 Cy Seymour
1 Jimmy Sheckard
13 Elmer Smith
1 Jake Stahl
3 Harry Steinfeldt
4 George Stone
3 Jesse Tannehill
3 Fred Tenney
3 Roy Thomas 5th
15 Mike Tiernan 7th
1 John Titus
1 Doc White
4 Vic Willis 3rd
11 Chief Zimmer

Bob’s ballot:

1. Tiernan
2. Sheckard
3. Thomas
4. Willis
5. Cross
6. Childs
7. Jones
8. Tenney
9. Joss
10. Kling

Edit: I just realized that this is my 1000th post. Apologies on my part are probably in order.

Editor’s note: this was several thousand posts ago. Bob was the board’s most prolific – and most popular – poster for many years.

Terry’s ballot:

1- Mike Tiernan
2- Jack Chesbro
3- Vic Willis
4– Cy Seymour- ops+ of 125 after becoming a full time position player. As I see it he was Frank Tanana early, but instead of coming back as a junk baller he decided to go be Jose Cruz for awhile.
5- Johnny Kling– Not a great hitter, but a good one and he has an argument for being the most valuable defensive catcher ever.
6- Addie Joss
7- John McGraw
8- Cupid Childs
9- Herman Long
10- Jimmy Sheckard– Played 17 years, only 2 of which were within 5 points of his career ops+

Honorable Mention
Roy Thomas
Chief Zimmer

Loose ends
John Titus– Dwight Evans-ish player once you figure the insane context adjustments; not at Evan’s level but in the neighborhood. His BBR picture looks like the commandant from the old Police Academy movies. Take a look and tell me I’m wrong…
Doc White– Never led the league in shutouts, only once in era, but ended up with 45 shutouts and a 2.39 career era. Dead ball…

I noticed that Bob has Sheckard second on his ballot, so I took a hard look at him. I originally had him in my top five, but I kept dropping him until he barely made my top ten. My issue with him as a GOR candidate is that he didn’t put his best years together with his best teams, and that his career numbers aren’t all that special when you consider his defensive position, and how inconsistent he was offensively. I give him props for being an outstanding defensive player, though, and I could be convinced that I’m wrong about him.


Seven ballots, the results:

62 Vic Willis
47 Jimmy Sheckard
41 Addie Joss
40 Mike Tiernan
32 Roy Thomas
26 Herman Long
24 John McGraw
22 Jack Chesbro
22 Cupid Childs
19 Johnny Kling
13 Lave Cross
13 Deacon McGuire
12 Cy Seymour
11 Fielder Jones
7 Fred Tenney
6 Elmer Smith
6 Chief Zimmer
5 Topsy Hartsel
5 Sam Leever
5 Jack Powell
4 Ginger Beaumont
2 Dummy Hoy
2 Harry Steinfeldt
1 George Stone

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