1959 – Bob’s WWII adjustments and Fibonacci points for 30 GOR candidates

I thought I’d look at 16 infielders who are on the ballot or who will soon be on it. I didn’t do Jackie Robinson, because 1) he’s going in with little or no debate and 2) he transcends numbers. I did my War Adjustments to figure Projected Win Shares. Who knows if they are accurate? I also figured Projected Loss Shares. I have not idea of their accuracy either. I then computed Fibonacci Points. Your guess is as good as mine if FP is in any way useful, but I’m giving them to you anyway. The columns are Actual Win Shares, Projected Win Shares, and Fibonacci Points. In order of FP:

314 386 491.4 PeeWee Reese
298 338 458.2 Billy Herman
316 310 447.5 Stan Hack
242 301 427.0 Joe Gordon
277 271 406.6 Lou Boudreau
281 300 389.8 Bobby Doerr
187 271 381.3 Johnny Pesky
231 298 353.5 Phil Rizzuto
265 258 337.9 Vern Stephens
287 281 335.8 Bob Elliott
185 185 305.6 Al Rosen
191 187 241.0 Eddie Stanky
209 246 228.2 Eddie Joost
229 227 212.3 George Kell
145 193 164.9 Jerry Priddy
177 172 102.4 Marty Marion

There are three NeLers still on the ballot, Allen, Dandridge and Lundy. Allen I see as a weak hitter, somewhere inside a triangle made up of Tommy Helms, Bill Mazeroski and Marty Marion. My best guess is that he hit closer to Helms, fielded closer to Marion and played about as long as Mazeroski. I’d say he was likely on par with Marion, in that he likely broke 100 FP, but didn’t get near 150. Dandridge I have pegged as a little better than Kell. He was likely between 250 and 300 FP, which would put him between Rosen and Stanky. Lundy I have never gotten a handle on. One source will say he was a great hitter and a good fielder; another will say he was an okay hitter, but a historically great fielder; and another will have him somewhere in between. Best guess? Somewhere around 325 FP, which would put him between Rosen and Elliott.

Billy Herman, like Bobby Mathews, Wally Schang, Tommy Bridges, always seems to look better after every one of my little studies. Assuming Paige and Mize go in this year, he’ll likely be #1 on my ’60 ballot.

Might as well do the first basemen/outfielders as well. Columns are Actual Win Shares, Projected Win Shares and Fibonacci Points:

338 418 685.4 Johnny Mize
218 264 454.6 Charlie Keller
312 309 442.4 Joe Medwick
220 293 422.4 Dom DiMaggio
287 281 371.4 Bob Johnson
242 242 362.9 Ralph Kiner
285 285 339.0 Heinie Manush
238 238 260.5 Chuck Klein
125 188 253.5 Pete Reiser
223 216 229.2 Bill Nicholson
182 175 224.0 Roy Cullenbine
199 219 203.0 Sid Gordon
237 231 187.4 Phil Cavaretta
161 161 187.1 Ferris Fain

Even without a war adjustment, going strictly on what they actual accomplished, Keller still had 383.2 FP, higher than Kiner. Dom Di, without the war adjustment was still above 300 FP, at 309.1. And Mize was still well over 500 FP with 566.8.


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