1970 Manager election

Got some time between the IU and Butler game so I thought I’d go ahead and post this. This election will end Tuesday. A number of candidates dropped off from the last one, due to lack of support or time used up. So when you copy and paste, be aware. Only 12 names, so I figure all will get at least one mention.

1 Charlie Dressen
1 Jimmy Dykes
2 Charlie Grimm
2 Bucky Harris
2 Vic Harris
1 Fred Hutchinson
1 Al Lopez
2 Steve O’Neill
1 Paul Richards
3 Burt Shotten
2 Billy Southworth
4 Candy Jim Taylor


7 ballots, the results:

80 Billy Southworth
69 Al Lopez
58 Vic Harris
50 Bucky Harris
45 Candy Jim Taylor
28 Charlie Grimm
26 Paul Richards
23 Steve O’Neill
16 Burt Shotten
15 Fred Hutchinson
10 Charlie Dressen
7 Jimmy Dykes

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