This election will end Sunday. Only Jim Davenport drops from the rolls.

I have no idea if this is unusual or not, but 6 men on this ballot won MVPs and 7 1/2 won CYAs (I’m counting Kaat’s ’66 season as a half).

Quick quiz: not counting players on the real HOF ballot or not yet eligible, name the two multiple CYA winners not in the Hall. I’ll put the answer in my ballot.

4 Sal Bando
1 Jim Bibby
4 Bobby Bonds 6th
1 Mike Caldwell
2 Bert Campaneris
11 Norm Cash
8 Mike Cuellar
6 Willie Davis
1 Bucky Dent
6 Dock Ellis
14 Curt Flood
9 Bill Freehan 5th
7 Jim Fregosi
2 Cesar Geronimo
6 Jim Hunter 7th
2 Fergie Jenkins 4th
2 Jim Kaat
6 Mickey Lolich
1 Greg Luzinski
3 Sparky Lyle
4 Mike Marshall
13 Bill Mazeroski
9 Sam McDowell
1 Tug McGraw
9 Dave McNally
1 Rick Monday
1 Joe Morgan
3 Manny Mota
6 Thurman Munson 10th
2 Bobby Murcer
9 Tony Oliva 8th
1 Amos Otis
1 Jim Palmer
2 Gaylord Perry 3rd
1 Lou Pinella
10 Vada Pinson
1 Jerry Remy
1 Mickey Rivers
3 Joe Rudi
1 Ken Singleton
1 Paul Splittorff
3 Reggie Smith 8th
1 John Stearnes
2 Gene Tenace
1 Mike Torrez
6 Roy White
13 Maury Wills
8 Jim Wynn

Bob’s ballot:

1. Palmer
2. Jenkins
3. Perry
4. Morgan
5. Hunter
6. Freehan
7. Munson
8. Oliva
9. Bonds
10. Otis

Honorable mention: Denny McLain and Bret Saberhagen

Terry’s ballot:

1: Joe Morgan
2: Jim Palmer
3: Gaylord Perry
4: Ferguson Jenkins
5: Thurman Munson
6: Catfish Hunter
7: Tony Oliva
8: Bobby Bonds
9: Mike Marshall
10: Ken Singleton– He’d rank a lot higher if I were choosing sides; in the SABR world, he seems to be turning into the new most underrated player

Honorable mention:
Tug McGraw– Made one of the most productive side trips to Louisiana since Thomas Jefferson, though he didn’t know about it for over a decade
Rick Monday– For the flag, for being the first ever draft pick, for a coupla big homers, and for being really good for a guy who was always considered a mild disappointment.
Amos Otis– In a slow year he might get as high as 3 or 4 on my ballot
Lou Pinella– According to Luciano the only man to ever run for the cycle
Mickey Rivers– Not all “fun” players were big fat guys


14 ballots; the results:

186 Joe Morgan
131 Jim Palmer
118 Gaylord Perry
101 Fergie Jenkins
44 Bill Freehan
42 Bobby Bonds
32 Jim Hunter
32 Reggie Smith
29 Tony Oliva
21 Thurman Munson
19 Sal Bando
18 Norm Cash
16 Jim Wynn
12 Bill Mazeroski
10 Amos Otis
8 Vada Pinson
7 Mike Cuellar
6 Ken Singleton
4 Willie Davis
4 Jim Kaat
3 Maury Wills
3 Wilbur Wood
2 Mickey Lolich
2 Mike Marshall
2 Bobby Murcer
1 Curt Flood
1 Gene Tenace

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