Lots of new names, but we also lost Ezra Sutton. This election will close Monday night.

1 Ted Breitenstein
8 Pete Browning 3rd
10 Fred Carroll
9 Bob Caruthers 10th
1 Cupid Childs
2 Jack Clements
1 Bert Cunningham
1 Nig Cuppy
9 Jerry Denny
1 Tommy Dowd
1 Bill Everitt
6 Dave Foutz
10 Pud Galvin 6th
4 Mike Griffin
1 Billy Hamilton
1 Pink Hawley
4 Bill Joyce
3 Arlie Latham
1 Ted Lewis
5 Denny Lyons
15 Bobby Mathews 3rd
3 Ed McKean
8 Tony Mullane
4 Billy Nash
10 Tip O’Neill
1 Joe Quinn
10 Hardy Richardson 8th
1 Amos Rusie
1 Pop Schriver
1 Elmer Smith
3 Jack Stivetts
2 Mike Tiernan 9th
10 Mickey Welch 7th
1 Gus Weyhing
12 Ned Williamson 5th

Bob’s ballot:

1. Mathews
2. Hamilton
3. Browning
4. Galvin
5. Williamson
6. Rusie
7. Richardson
8. Mullane
9. Tiernan
10. Welch

Terry’s ballot:

1. Billy Hamilton- He’ll get in so easily that he’s going to be forgotten here every bit as much as he’s been forgotten by history
2. Bobby Mathews
3. Pete Browning
4. Amos Rusie-
Somewhere between McDowell and Koufax; I’m not convinced he was as close to Koufax as popularly believed, but clearly above McDowell and a worthy selection
5. Bob Caruthers
6. Hardy Richardson
7. Mike Tiernan
8. Tony Mullane
9. Mickey Welch
10. Pud Galvin

Honorable Mention
Elmer Smith- Not a superstar but a very good player for a long time, and a really good pitcher for a couple of years too. Not a Hall of Famer by any stretch, but worthy of mention
Jack Clements
Jack Stivetts

Need convincing
Cupid Childs- Poor man’s Hardy Richardson, defensive stats are mediocre. Only thing about him that’s unique is his name
Tip O’Neill
Ned Williamson


With 7 ballots, the results:

92 Billy Hamilton
66 Amos Rusie
45 Bobby Mathews
37 Pete Browning
30 Pud Galvin
25 Ned Williamson
19 Mickey Welch
18 Cupid Childs
18 Mike Tiernan
17 Bob Caruthers
16 Hardy Richardson
11 Tip O’Neill
7 Tony Mullane
6 Dave Foutz
6 Elmer Smith
5 Billy Nash
3 Fred Carroll
2 Jack Clements
2 Bill Joyce
1 Jerry Denny
1 Denny Lyons

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