Only two names on this year’s ballot. This poll will close in three minutes.

Joe Leggett
Bobby Mathews

Bob’s ballot:

My ballot

1. Mathews
2. Leggett

By unanimous agreement, Mathews and Leggett have been elected.

Thanks for letting me get that out of my system.

The “real” ballot for 1908:
1 Steve Brodie
9 Pete Browning 4th
11 Fred Carroll
10 Bob Caruthers 10th
2 Cupid Childs 8th
3 Jack Clements
10 Jerry Denny
1 Bones Ely
7 Dave Foutz
11 Pud Galvin 5th
5 Mike Griffin
1 Dummy Hoy
1 Jay Hughes
1 Charlie Irwin
5 Bill Joyce
6 Denny Lyons
4 Ed McKean
1 Win Mercer
9 Tony Mullane
5 Billy Nash
11 Tip O’Neill
11 Hardy Richardson
1 Wilbert Robinson
2 Elmer Smith
4 Jack Stivetts
3 Mike Tiernan 8th
11 Mickey Welch 7th
13 Ned Williamson 6th

Two dropped off and out, Bobby Mathews and Arlie Latham.

Bob’s ballot:

1. Galvin
2. Browning
3. Williamson
4. Welch
5. Richardson
6. Tiernan
7. Mullane
8. Griffin
9. McKean
10. Childs

Terry’s ballot:

1. Pete Browning
2. Bob Caruthers
3. Hardy Richardson
4. Mike Tiernan
5. Tony Mullane
6. Pud Galvin
7. Mickey Welch
8. Ned Williamson
9. Tip O’Neill
10. Jack Clements

Honorable Mention
Elmer Smith
Jack Stivetts

I have surprisingly little to say about this year that hasn’t already been said. Browning, if you ask me (Bob and I have been emailing back and forth about him) is the Manny Ramirez of the 19th century in several different ways. Williamson, O’Neill and Clements jumped into my top ten, and Caruthers is all the way up to second, a far cry from his first year on the ballot when he wasn’t in my top 15. Hardy Richardson, I have him up to three but I don’t know if anyone else is very high on him. I am not as high on Galvin as some others, but I think he’s deserving. If you haven’t looked, go see his pic on BBR.com. It’s worth the effort.


Results from 6 ballots:

56 Pud Galvin
52 Pete Browning
49 Ned Williamson
37 Bob Caruthers
37 Mickey Welch
36 Mike Tiernan
26 Hardy Richardson
15 Tony Mullane
13 Tip O’Neill
8 Cupid Childs
8 Jakc Clements
6 Mike Griffin
5 Dummy Hoy
5 Ekmer Smith
4 Ed McKean
4 Billy Nash
3 Wilbert Robinson
2 Jerry Denny

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